Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More poor design (secular division, this time) :(

Did you see that ugly, mud-catching netilat yadayim cup (and the beautiful, easy-to-clean one with which I replaced it) here? Well, designers of Jewish ritual objects certainly don't have a monopoly on poor design, as I complained in my post An eye for detail (where I published what's probably one of the best photos I've ever taken).

Both of these blouses are size mediums from Appleseed's. But look closely--the buttons on the crinkle-fabric blouse are spaced visibly farther apart than the buttons on the plain-fabric blouse. It's no wonder that I needed three safety pins to keep the crinkle-fabric blouse closed. Even the large size, though huge on me, won't stay closed--there's too much space between buttons. Appleseed's Returns department will be hearing from me.

See also Not all hats are created equal.


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